Birthing Clinic for Guayabales Dr. Scott Robertson Guayabales (Santa Rosa), Guatemala 3330 sq. ft.

Charitable Clean place for birthing and for nice practitioner to work Assemble area for various use of the village Water supply / pila Concept: side of mountain is stabilized with gabions and the clay tile clinic is inserted like a drawer within these gabions and underneath the covered assembly area. Local materials and construction techniques.

Guayabales is a small village of 300 people located at the edge of a volcano. The people are of extreme poverty and the only existing structures with a concrete floor are a small church and schoolhouse. Water is obtained from a hose running from the volcano crater down to the village. One photovoltaic panel keeps the village cell phone charged. Standing in the village you can smell the rain forest burning as the land is cleared for maize. This project offers immediate relief to health issues and a base for transformational services impacting social issues and global ecological issues.

The project is carefully sited to establish a community center with the church and schoolhouse clustered around an ancient tree. Gabions are used to terrace and stabilize the mountain slope and to form a vila for washing clothes. A birthing clinic and office for a nurse practitioner are slipped beneath a covered assembly area. Water is captured, filtered and stored for community access and electricity is created for use in the clinic and a source of light at the assembly hall. Local construction techniques and materials are balanced with high technology to create a sustainable structure of striking simplicity.